Exploring the three dimensions of Design Operations (DesOps)...


The Culture is the first of the three foundation pillars on which DesOps or Design-Operations philosophies are based upon.

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The second pillar, namely Process is an important aspect that is made up of the workflows and the over-arching feedback-loop that acts as the spine of DesOps. 

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The ECO-SYstems

The third pillar, Eco-Systems  deals with the technology, tools and the design systems  powered with automation, that makes DesOps real on the ground. 

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Business. Design. Process. Experience

Open Design System – Adding Semantics to Design System (Part-3): Heredity and Inheritance of Attributes
The word “evolution” was first found to be used around 1647 which was more popularised by the Naturalists towards the …
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Open Design System – Adding Semantics to Design System (Part-2): Roles of Pattern Library in Design Automation
In search of a tool that can minimize the translations of values, in context to UI design space, I was …
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Open Design System – Adding Semantics to Design System (Part-1): Background
“Design System” plays a critical role in bringing a common language and consistency in experience across different products and brands …
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Semantic Design System (Part -3): The Open Design System Ontology
[NOTE: Check the part 1 at : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/photo-essay-semantic-design-system-part-1-gaps-todays-samir-dash/ and part 2 at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/photo-essay-semantic-design-system-part-2-nuclear-model-samir-dash/] This originally part of a talk I gave at UX-India …
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DesOps - New Wave in Design

Team’s Vicious Circle and Avoiding the Organization Turning into a Pack of Zombies

On the theoretical level, the interaction can be modelled based on various entities like tasks(i.e. activities users perform to reach their …
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Translating Value at Different Stages of Design with Minimal Waste

In 1967 Ronald Barthe published Elements of Semiology, which stands as a temporal marker of post-structuralism, where he gave rise to …
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The “When/If – Then” Tool to Capture Hypothesis

(This article was originally published onApril 29, 2018 Linkedin Blog at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/desops-next-wave-design-part-10-whenif-tool-capture-samir-dash/ As I mentioned in the previous article, the assumptions …
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Lean Methodologies & Hypothesis-Driven Design (HDD)

The second life-line as pointed out in the dimension of ‘Culture’ is “Cultural Shift towards Lean Philosophies” (Refer the part 5 of …
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