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[Slides] DevConf 2018, Bengaluru : DesOps – Prepare Today for Future of Design (2018)

DesignOps is an approach to design inspired by the culture of DevOps. In this session, we will be touching upon the practical approaches on how to prepare for the next wave in design that compliments DevOps in the concepts of the cultural shift, collaboration, and automation. We will also see how to bringing the full circle of design in the context of software development lifecycle.

Topic: DesignOps – the Prepare Today for Future of Design!
Date & Time: 2:15PM – 2:45PM on 5 August 2018
Venue: Christ University – Bengaluru, India

Event: DevConf.in 2018 is the second free annual community conference sponsored by Red Hat for Developers, System admins, DevOps engineers, Testers, Documentation writers and other contributors to open source technologies. It is a platform for the local FOSS community participants to come together and engage in the knowledge sharing through technical talks, workshops, panel discussions, hackathons and such activities.

More info at: http://desops.io/2018/07/04/talk-at-devconf18-designops-prepare-today-for-future-of-design/