[Workshop Deck] PART-2: Applying DesOps in Your Enterprise

[This is the SECOND part of the half-day workshop titled “Applying DesOps in Your Enterprise” I conducted at the “UX India Conference 2018” on 4th October, 2018, Bengaluru. This part focused on ‘Design System’ aspect of DesOps, and tried to address the challenges that designer face when they collaborate using around either two or more design systems. Neither of the design system as of today talk to each other in the same way, nor is the fact that that none of the design systems organize and define their patterns in the same structure.

This part of the work shop attempts to solve that issue through introducing the concept of “CDN based Open Design Eco-System” (* CDN – Content Delivery Network) that is modelled on a Nuclear Design Model which can be scaled up and be made semantic, so that the automation of design process can be made possible. In the workshop we also see an implementation or a proof of the concept for the web-design and development domain using HTML, CSS and Javascript. This uses CSS3 variables to implement an extensible framework based on the Nuclear Design Model.

The code can be downloaded from https://github.com/OpenDesignSystem/ODS-CDN .

You can explore more at

http://desops.io and http://opendesignsystem.org/portal/nuclear-design/

Workshop at UX India International Conference 2018 : Applying DesOps in Your Enterprise




You can explore more here:


‘Semantic Design System : Redefining Design Systems for DesOps’ https://www.slideshare.net/MobileWish/semantic-design-system-redefining-design-systems-for-desops-v10-1sep-2018

Nuclear Design: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/photo-essay-semantic-design-system-part-2-nuclear-model-samir-dash/

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