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DesOps 101: Overview

[This is part of the slides I used in Community Call at Red Hat UI/UX Community of Practice on 9 Nov 2018. More details : http://desops.io/2018/11/09/talk-at-rh-ui-ux-community-of-practice-desops-101-overview/]

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Talk at RH UI/UX Community of Practice: DesOps 101-Overview

DesOps 101: Overview

 Community Calls 

The talk will focus on overview  DesOps.

Three key takeaways:

  1. Background and overview of DesOps.
  2. The high-level overview of the different dimensions of Design operations
  3. DesOps from Service Design point of view
  4. Samples/Examples
  5. Cultural dimension and Open Org aspect.

Date & Time: 12:AM – 1 PM  on 10 Nov 2018 (IST)
Venue:  Virtual Community call over BlueJeans.